We are Fourier.
We can't wait to talk about What we are working on. More on that soon ...
But here is our Why
For far too long, the biggest minds have been working on the smallest problems.

Well, not really ‘small’… but certainly not the most substantial and meaningful. Engineering minds all over the world have focused on making things marginally easier, smoother, faster for only a few versus dramatically improving life for everyone.

We are committed to changing this by enlisting the best engineering minds to find practical, scalable solutions to the problems that matter most to us all.

The global climate crisis is an undeniable reality.
Our energy ecosystem is broken.
Our fuel sources are outdated and cause irreversible damage to the planet.

The world sees this as an intractable problem that will require major compromises and untenable sacrifices. We reject the despairers, the deniers, the hand-wringers, even the ‘do-gooders.’ We are here to confront this challenge head-on with brilliant but practical engineering solutions at scale that work for everyone.

The time has come to stop imagining a better world and to start engineering one.

We truly believe that we can engineer our way out of any problem and we certainly can engineer a better energy ecosystem where clean energy is implementable, affordable, distributable … an ecosystem that works for everyone, everywhere.

We envision a new class of engineers, enlisted and empowered to solve our climate challenges at scale. We seek people who have the audacity of ambition and the practicality in approach to take on the biggest engineering challenge in human history.
Together we will help the world transition to a sustainable energy ecosystem. Everyone, both current and the future generations, will have better tools, better fuels and better technology to do bigger things without a compromise.

Some people think we’re a little crazy. But the truth is, you have to be a little crazy to make any meaningful change.

We want the next generation of the biggest minds to focus on the biggest problems.